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island hop and snorkel
Guided Mini Boat Tour

Join us in this one of a kind aquatic adventure! That's because no one else in Puerto Rico offers "Skipper-yourself" Mini Boat, Snorkeling Day Trips! With a certified guide leading the way, you captain your own 13" inflatable boat across the beautiful crystal clear waters of Eastern Puerto Rico, stopping at stunning, small, uninhabited islands with incredible white sand beaches. Later, sail along the "La Cordillera" Cays Nature Reserve, for a snorkeling excursion that you will never forget!

Click Here for Island Hop & Snorkel excursion map.

2 persons $75 per person, per boat. 3 persons $63 per person, per boat. 4 persons $56 per person, per boat, 1 person $150 per boat.


  • Home base: Puerto Chico Marina, Fajardo. (Northeastern Puerto Rico)
  • Duration: 3.5 hours
  • One beach stop and one snorkeling session.
  • Seasonal Fruits, Light Snacks, water and refreshments provided.
  • Check In: 8:30am (Morning Tour) and 1:00pm (Afternoon Tour) Reservations Required!
  • Maximum Per Mini Boat: 4 guests (weight limit 300 lbs p/p - 700 lbs total per boat)
  • Minimum Age: 6 years for children, Mini Boat Captains must be 18 years of age
  • Part of the fun at MINI BOAT ADVENTURES is that, at times, we will be riding in open water. Although usually calm, the sea can be choppy at times. We strongly do not recommend guests with neck or back problems or recent surgery to participate in this trip. Pregnant women should not participate.
Mini boat dock at Puerto Chico, Fajardo, Puerto Rico
Blue tour guide boat leading
our mini boat convoy!
couple on mini boat heading out from puerto chico
Cushion Starfish Found
in "Icacos" Cay

Home Base - Puerto Chico Marina, Fajardo, Puerto Rico

The "Island Hop & Snorkel Adventure" Mini Boat tour begins on the docks of the "blue flag" "Puerto Chico" Marina where your Mini Boat guides await you. Before launching, each "Captain" and crew will receive complete pre-ride instructions and safety orientation before boarding your fully equipped MINI BOATS.

tour guide leading a mini boat convoy
Visiting the reserve's
white sand beaches!

Ladies & Gentlemen... Start your engines!

The fun begins as we clear the breakwater of Puerto Chico Marina, heading North, Northeast along the bluffs of the "Las Cabezas de San Juan" Nature Reserve toward our first destination, the uninhabited Icacos Cay. Along the way, you'll enjoy vistas of the mountains of the "El Yunque" Rainforest, the Mangrove-lined coast and Fajardo's 130-year-old Spanish lighthouse.

girl snorkeling at fajardo puerto rico
Swim among schools
of tropical fish!

Cayo Icacos - Snorkeling at its Best!

After a brisk 30 minute cruise, we arrive at Icacos Cay. Icacos is one of a string of cays which form the Cordillera Cays Nature Reserve. While in Icacos, "Island Hoppers" will get acquainted with their snorkeling gear and practice free diving techniques in preparation for some of the most fascinating snorkeling experiences in Puerto Rico! Discover spectacular coral reef formations, swim among schools of colorful tropical fish, and learn about the wonders of the underwater world, while snorkeling with our professional eco guides.

snacks and refreshments for the trip
Palominitos Island..............
yeap, we know!!!

After a swim, snacks and refreshments can be found in coolers provided in each Mini Boat.

Isla Palominitos- Snorkeling, Swimming & Beach Exploration

After about and hour in Icacos we embark once again and set course along the Island chain to jaw dropping Isla de Palominitos . As seen on the Holywood Film Pirates of the Carribean 4  , this small Island surrounded by coral reefs features incredible turquoise water, pure white sand beaches and a lovely view back to the mainland. During your visit to Palominitos our guides will take time to interpret the natural history of the reserve, explain the surrounding scenery and guide you through another amazing snorkeling session!

amazing snorkeling cayo lobos puerto rico
Fully equipped mini boats!

Back to Puerto Chico Marina

Concluding our time in Palominitos, we board our MINI BOATS once more for the journey home to Marina Puerto Chico. There you can check out our souvenir shop, along with your picture from your first Mini Boat Adventure voyage!

Note: Described order of destinations may vary. Depending on the particular weather for the day, our guides will take you where the conditions and snorkeling are the best at the time, sometimes Palominito, Lobos Cay or Palominitos will be our first option.

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