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quality award 2008, endorsed by commonwealth of puerto rico tourism company

About us

Percy Rier
Percy Rier, KPR Co-Founder

Mini Boat Adventures is Kayaking Puerto Rico's new sister company offering guests a combination of piloting your own mini boat and a guided excursion to Puerto Rico’s best snorkeling locations. Kayaking Puerto Rico is a young, innovative Puerto Rican adventure company specializing in recreational and environmentally oriented beach exploration and snorkeling excursions off the eastern coast of Puerto Rico. KPR is directed by certified tour guides and nature enthusiasts; Percy Rier and Dalberto Arce. They both have a combined experience of over 18 years in the industry of eco-tourism and have independent studies in business administration, marine biology and environmental sciences.

Dalberto Arce – KPR Co founder

Percy and Dalberto spent over 3 years exploring Snorkeling and Kayaking venues all over Puerto Rico before traveling with clients. Soon it was obvious…the "Las Cabezas de San Juan Nature Reserve, where Seven Seas Bay is located on the secluded Northeast corner of the Island, (with protected, snorkeling grounds teeming with marine life and ringed by one of the most breathtakingly stunning trio of beaches on the main Island) was to be where the KPR partners would launch their fledgling eco excursion business. Additionally, at this very special part of Puerto Rico, is found the Bio-luminescent “Laguna Grande”. In 2007, KPR began offering kayaking excursions to this phenomenal site, becoming their most popular excursion!

Not resting on their laurels, Percy and Dalberto, in their quest for showcasing the pinnacle of Puerto Rican snorkeling and kayaking, have inaugurated, in 2009, “Aquafari Culebra”, thus re-confirming KPR’s slogan...”The Best Kayaking And Snorkeling, Period!”.

For 2010, the company continues to ride the success of it's adventure excursion offerings, by adding the Mini Boat "Island Hop and Snorkeling" day trips to its portfolio. To this end, KPR has made a substantial investment in seven mini boats (inflatable dinghies with hard bottoms) secured exclusive dockage and installed administrative and customer service facilities at the "Puerto Chico"Marina.

From the outset, Percy and Dalberto, knew that their adventuresome visitors would enjoy the natural beauty of the protected reserves of the East Coast; but they wanted their excursions to showcase additional qualities of what Puerto Rico, its friendly people and heritage, have to offer. “People who come on our excursions will find themselves dancing on the beach, learning together about our rich Puerto Rican history, and before the trip is over, many new friends have been made”, says Dalberto, “in addition to the unparalleled snorkeling and kayaking experience, we want to leave our visitors with a new appreciation and understanding of Puerto Rican culture and traditions”. Percy continues, "Now with the addition of the Mini Boat trips we can offer our guests the opportunity to explore further out, outlying cays where the beaches and snorkeling grounds are truly special!"

Kayaking Puerto Rico and Mini Boat Adventures strives to give back to our surroundings both socially and environmentally. Our organization respects and understands the importance of our natural resources; therefore, ensuring their protection is one of our primary commitments. We put great effort towards the conservation of our environment and contribute to the education of preserving the wellbeing of our natural wonderland here on the East Coast of Puerto Rico.

Percy Rier
KPR Co-Founder Percy Rier
accepts the 2008 PRTC
Quality & Excellence Award

Awards & Recognitions


KPR wins the 2008 Quality and Excellence Award in the category of Tour Operators.